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Sunday Vibes | Leather Jacket + Boyfriend Jens

Le Fashion Blog Laid Back Sunday Style Inspiration Top Knot Leather Jacket Boyfriend Jeans White Nail Polish Model Eleanor Davies photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Laid-Back-Sunday-Style-Inspiration-Top-Knot-Leather-Jacket-Boyfriend-Jeans-White-Nail-Polish-Model-Eleanor-Davies.jpg

Photo via: Mattias Bjorklund

A little laid-back Sunday style inspiration from model Eleanor Davies with a top knot, leather jacket, boyfriend jeans and white nail polish.

Get the look:

+ Madewell Ultimate Leather Motorcycle Jacket

+ Topshop Premium Belted Leather Biker Jacket

+ butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Cotton Buds

+ Mother The Loosey Jeans

Nick's last-minute gift guide for men

2014 last minute mens holiday gift guide I convinced my fiance Nick to come out from behind the camera and share a few last-minute gift ideas for the men in our lives (and drop a few blatant hints to help me out)!

Nick: There are only 5 days left until Christmas or, who knows, maybe it's 4. I'm panicking and forgot how to count. If you're like me and thought it was still October, you likely haven't done much gift shopping. This list can help you get a few presents for the men in your life before the 25th. And most of these items are available digitally, can still be shipped in time, or can be found—if you dare enter this time of year— in your local mall.

1. Amazon Prime Subscription - $99 a year for a bunch of movies, TV shows and e-books. And of course, the best part - free 2-day shipping on millions of items. Consider it a gift for him that makes it easier to buy last-minute gifts for her.

2. Cedar Shoe Trees - Ah, the holidays. They smell of fresh pine, mulled spices, and, my personal favorite, damp, dank shoe funk. Tell him you got these cedar shoe trees to help his favorite Cole Haans keep their shape. But you know the truth. Your entryway will thank you.

3. Spotify Premium Subscription or gift card - The upgrade from the basic version makes a great gift unless for some reason he's a huge Taylor Swift fan (she pulled her discography from the service). It's only $0.99 for 3 months, then $9.99 a month after that—still worth it. You get ad-free, offline access to basically all the world's music, and tons of comedy albums too. It's the most-used app on my phone not called Snapchat. (DIY gifting suggestion: write your Spotify gift message on an old blank CD-ROM)

4. Layrite Deluxe Pomade - $15 for hair goop? Haha, no way, why would I need that. I'm barely halfway through this $2 bottle of LA Looks gel from 1999. But, while I'd never buy it myself, if this stuff magically appeared on the bathroom vanity, I'd use it every day—the sign of a perfect stocking stuffer. (You can substitute the preferred hair product of his barber)

5. Leatherman Multi-Purpose Tool - True, he probably already has one. But I like to keep one in the car, one in the toolbox, and one in the…some other place I can't remember, which is precisely why I could use another. And this one comes in black, which means even fixing your lady's broken costume jewelry can be a badass Rambo adventure.

6. Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription - If you know someone who, like me, pretends to prefer shade-grown single-origin Ethopian coffee over Folgers instant, they might enjoy a monthly delivery of beans from Blue Bottle Coffee. You can choose the amount of coffee and the number of months you want it delivered. (DIY gifting suggestion: put a notecard in a mug )

7. Oxo Wooden Spoon Set - Yes, just a spoon. I like cooking and making meals for us. But I'm sick and tired of reading a recipe that says to "stir with a wooden spoon" to which I must reply, "well, this half-melted plastic spatula will do." (Substitute whatever simple cooking item you guy might want, i.e. longer grill tongs so he stops burning off his arm hair)

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Hair Inspiration: The Low Messy Bun

Le Fashion Blog Hair Inspiration Low Messy Bun Textured Wavy Up Do Waffle Knit Camilla Pihl photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Hair-Inspiration-Low-Messy-Bun-Textured-Wavy-Up-Do-Waffle-Knit-Camilla-Pihl.jpg

Le Fashion Blog Hair Inspiration Low Messy Bun Textured Wavy Up Do Waffle Knit Sweater Camilla Pihl photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Hair-Inspiration-Low-Messy-Bun-Textured-Wavy-Up-Do-Waffle-Knit-Sweater-Camilla-Pihl.jpg

Le Fashion Blog Hair Inspiration Low Messy Bun Textured Wavy Up Do Black Waffle Knit Sweater Camilla Pihl photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Hair-Inspiration-Low-Messy-Bun-Textured-Wavy-Up-Do-Black-Waffle-Knit-Sweater-Camilla-Pihl.jpg

Photos via: Camilla Pihl

Camilla is serving up some major hair inspiration with her low messy bun. That texture!

Get the look:

+ NARS Contour Blush

+ Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

+ Marc by Marc Jacobs Wally Waffle-Knit Sweater

vendredi 19 décembre 2014

Power Dressing: Statement Blazer In Sweden

Le Fashion Blog Power Dressing Statement Print Blazer Blue Shirt Black Jeans Pointy Kitten Heel Boots Swedish Blogger Anouk Yve Creatures Of Desire photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Power-Dressing-Statement-Print-Blazer-Blue-Shirt-Black-Jeans-Pointy-Kitten-Heel-Boots-Swedish-Blogger-Anouk-Yve.jpg

Le Fashion Blog Power Dressing Statement Print Blazer Jeans Pointy Patent Kitten Heel Boots Swedish Blogger Anouk Yve Creatures Of Desire photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Power-Dressing-Statement-Print-Blazer-Jeans-Pointy-Patent-Kitten-Heel-Boots-Swedish-Blogger-Anouk-Yve.jpg

Photos via: Creators Of Desire

In a statement blazer, this look from Swedish blogger Anouk Yve is a perfect example of power dressing. Love how her confidence shines through in these shots!

Get the look:

+ Oasis Printed Blazer

+ Mango Scarf Print Suit Blazer

+ J.Crew End-On-End Long Shirt

+ Black Orchid Ankle Zip Skinny Jeans

+ Saint Laurent Point-Toe Ankle Booties

Twelve Days Of Christmas - #10 Daniel Wellington

Welcome back to my 12 days of christmas, I have a sneaky giveaway for you guys over on my instagram and I have to say - it's probably my favourite one to be giving away!

I own a fair few Daniel Wellington watches, and the guys over at DW were nice enough to let me giveaway this lovely watch from their collection and all you have to do is head over to my instagram now!

I'm giving away this Daniel Wellington 'Classy Sheffield' watch with an RRP of £119!!! For a chance to win, plese go onto my INSTAGRAM and just simply click 'like' & follow my instagram, and I will then choose a number via rafflecopter and pick the 1st/2nd/3rd etc person who liked the photo! Make sure you're following me as I will be DM-ing the winner!

It's as simple as that, the contest ends in 1 week on the 22nd & It is open internationally too!

Keep yur eyes peeled for so many more contests going over the next 12 days over on my instagram, facebook & twitter and I hope you guys are excited with what I have got lined up! :)

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jeudi 18 décembre 2014

Christmas Perfume Gift Sets from Fragrance Direct (Under £10)

Kylie Minogue Perfume Set - Fragrance Direct(*)

David Beckham Perfume Set - Fragrance Direct

I'm back! It feels so weird to actually have some time to sit at my laptop and blog! It's been about 3 weeks since I've really had time to read blogs, check twitter and of course update fashion-train! Today I handed in my last deadline before christmas and I've been so busy with trying to do 7 uni projects and hand them all in these past few weeks! I'm now home for christmas (yay!) I still have projects to complete but I have a LOT of time to blog!

David Beckham Perfume Set - Fragrance Direct

I started my christmas shopping a few weeks ago and thought why not look online? I've become obsessed with fragrances lately and they're super addictive to buy! I've got my eye on a few Marc Jacobs perfumes at the moment and it doesn't help that Fragrance Direct keep putting them on offer! I picked up this present as an extra gift amongst presents for my boyfriend and I think it's such a good stocking filler!

Kylie Minogue Perfume Set - Fragrance Direct(*)

I decided to treat myself too as these gift sets are so discounted and smell so good! I remember picking up this set a few years ago in Boots and loving the smell! So why not while you're doing the rest of your christmas shopping online have a look at Fragrance Direct?

What do you think of perfume gift sets? What do you have your eye on this christmas?

 photo xoxo_zpsef0b558b.jpg


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mercredi 17 décembre 2014

Party On

Le Fashion Blog -- Holiday Party Look Collage -- Acne Nude Sheer Dress Bauble Bar Ear Cuff Emika Paris Leopard Clutch Chloe Perfume Charlotte Olympia Burgundy Deborah Boots -- photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Collage-Holiday-Party-Look-Acne-Nude-Sheer-Dress-Ear-Cuff-Leopard-Clutch-Chloe-Perfume-Charlotte-Olympia-Burgundy-Boots.jpg

This is my take on the perfect holiday party look. I'm crazy for this sheer blush dress and would layer it over a nude satin slip dress to complete the look. A spritz of my favorite scent and I'm good to go. Question is: go with a top knot, messy waves or sleek ponytail?

1. Acne Studios Sheer Blush Dress

2. Bauble Bar Stargirl Ear Adornment Set

3. Emika Paris Velvet Leopard Clutch

4. Chloé Eau de Parfum

5. Charlotte Olympia Deborah Lace-Up Ankle Boots

Kavita Does New York with Macys | Black Friday @ Macy's

Whilst I was away in New York with Macys, one of the incredible opportunities presented to me (besides the amazing Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade of course!) was to be involved with seeing everything unfold on Black Friday!

A few years ago, all the stores opened on the Friday after Thanksgiving at around 3/4am. Crazy, right? Just like our boxing day here in the UK (they don't have that in America, which I found out when I mentioned the similarities to some of the staff and they gave me a rather perplexed look!) Black Friday is the day of all day for sales. Over the years I have heard so many crazy news story that have slipped into international media.. 'Woman gets crushed on black friday' '32inch TVs for $100' etc. Absolute carnage surely?

I told the doorman at my hotel I was working rhe black friday opening and he said 'good luck'.. was it really going to be that bad?

I was kindly invited along inside the store to see it unfold, along with other international press (and little old me, eh!) and I clearly fit right in with my little point and shoot and iphone haha!

Nowadays Black Friday has started on Thursday.. so Black Thursday is now a thing? The store opened 7pm sharp which meant I was there for 6:30pm after I devoured the thanksgiving food I made earlier in the day. It's strange to me that they have started the sales on actual Thanksgiving now, which UI think annoys a few people that have to work the day as it's enough stress as it is without having the added factor of it interrupting their family time.

I was also given a $200 giftcard from macys to shop the sales.. and you can find out what I bought in tomorrow post. But for now.. I will leave you with a video of the carnage that is Black Friday(/thursday) in Macys!

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Street Style: Taylor Tomasi Hill | Over-The-Knee-Boots In London

Le Fashion Blog -- London Street Style: Taylor Tomasi Hill -- Red Hair Green Blazer Skirt Over The Knee Boots -- Via Malmo Street Style -- photo Le-Fashion-Blog-London-Street-Style-Taylor-Tomasi-Hill-Green-Blazer-Skirt-Over-The-Knee-Boots-Via-Malmo-Street-Style.jpg

Le Fashion Blog -- London Street Style: Taylor Tomasi Hill -- Red Hair Asymmetric Top Skirt Over The Knee Boots -- Via Vanessa Jackman -- photo Le-Fashion-Blog-London-Street-Style-Taylor-Tomasi-Hill-Asymmetric-Top-Skirt-Over-The-Knee-Boots-Via-Vanessa-Jackman.jpg

Photos via: Malmo Street Style | Vanessa Jackman

How stunning does Taylor Tomasi Hill look in these street style shots from London? Obsessed with her hair and those over-the-knee boots!

Get the look:

+ Band Of Outsiders Blazer (also here )

+ Neil Barrett Asymmetric T-Shirt

+ Max Mara Algebra Skirt

+ ASOS A-Line Linen Mini Skirt

+ Schutz Fullara Over-The-Knee Boots

mardi 16 décembre 2014

Twelve Days Of Christmas - #11 Alice Made This

Welcome back to the 12 days of christmas series.. 4 days late, eh! So sorry it's taken a back seat.. I forgot just how busy it is this time of year and sorting through everything I want to feature got a *little* on top of me.. I'm super duper sorry!

So today isn't a giveaway but a little mention to the wonderful 'Alice Made This'

I'm probably the worst at getting other halves gifts, so when Alice said she had a something for the man in my life (boyfriend, bother, dad, etc) I thought it would be great to have something to give that is a little bit special.

James gold cuff & Pin set, £290 - Alice Made This*

I recieved a gorgeous package which had a tie pin and cufflinks inside and I couldn't get over just how much I loved te packaging! It's quite easy for you to pop into your nearest debenhams or John Lewis and pick up some random bits and bobs for the males in your life, but for me, this is one of those things that is perfect as a gift because of the presentation and quality. It definitely looks like you put more thought into it, and it's always nicer to give someone something that is slightly unique!

There are so so many options on the site, and it's always nice to support something that is homegrown from Britain.

Thanks so much to Alice for providing me with the perfect gift for my boyfriend! Fingers crossed he is just as excited as I was when I opened it!

Feel free to get 10% off with the code 'AMTVIP' at the checkout!

Have you decided what you're getting the males in your life yet?

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Anthropologie holiday $300 giveaway

Anthropologie holiday dress petite

Geisha Designs Sugared Ruby dress thanks to Anthropologie

Antrho monogram mug (full of puppy treats : ), Kate Spade heels (similar in "Gold")

I've planned a series of holiday giveaways for you guys, and am excited to start with one of my favorite brands for both clothing and home goods! I love the unique collections at Anthropologie , oftentimes available in petite sizing that's exclusively sold there. This dress is by Geisha Designs which I hadn't heard of until recently, and the petites in my usual size fit off the rack. To win a $300 gift card towards your favorite items, simply fill out the giveaway form at the end of this post!

Anthropologie holiday dress petite1

My little buddy here is our friends' puppy Stella...she had her own Christmas card shoot with Nick and wanted to join me in these too. How could anyone say no to that face and cute little poncho sweater (and where can I find one in human size?)?

Anthropologie holiday dress petite3

This Sugared Ruby dress in 00p fit me as-shown off the rack, with measurements of 12.25" across the waist, 15" across the hips, 12" from the top of shoulder to waist (closer to empire style), and 34" total length. I tried on a few other petite dress styles and also liked the Moilinette Soeurs "Baikal" floral dress , now on sale. That one is a fuller fit+flare style in a gorgeous oversized floral pattern (a thin waist belt breaks it up nicely). Sizing is limited since it's on sale, but if your size is still left I'd highly recommend it as it is very good quality with detailed craftsmanship. The only fit note is it may need a hem job on someone my height as it hits at my upper calf (I dropped it off at the tailor to get 2" taken up).

**Giveaway rules** To enter, visit Anthropologie's website and let me know in the form below your favorite item! Petite dresses are here and regular-sized dresses are here . If you're not much of a dress person, they also have an extensive selection of petite denim from a number of brands. (If you do win, you can of course use your gift card on any items of your choice!)

Giveaway is open to U.S. readers. Winner will be drawn at random via Rafflecopter on December 23, 2014 and will be notified via email. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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zaracheckskirt8 zaracheckskirt1 zaracheckskirt7 zaracheckskirt5 zaracheckskirt zaracheckskirt6 zaracheckskirt4

If winter fashion could be summed up in one single piece of clothing, it would be anything with a check print. From crop tops to bomber jackets, midi skirts to loose pants, the classic pattern is preppy, cool, and perfect for winter.

I am in love with this wool check print skirt from Zara. As soon as I got it, I couldn't wait to style it. The monochrome check means it can be easily dressed up or down. I paired it here with a cashmere v-neck sweater, Stella McCartney platform loafers and the Michael Kors Hamilton bag.

Check skirt: Zara (similar here)

V-neck sweater: Zara (similar here)

Platform loafers: Stella McCartney

Bag: Michael Kors

Sunglasses: & Other Stories (similar here)

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Thin bubble rings: Amadoria

Pearl ring: Choies



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