vendredi 20 mars 2015

5 under $300: Best Wallets For Your Buck

Best Wallets For Your Buck
5 under $300

Just about every girl has experienced the problem of jungle bag at some point, and rummaging through a huge tote every time you need something is no way to live a fashionable life. Men have known for generations that a wallet is an easy way to simplify your daily carry by neatly organizing all the essentials into an easy-to-manage package, but only recently has the world of fashion recognized the true potential of the wallet as an expression of functional style.

The advent of the ladies’ wallet has been a blessing to overtaxed handbags everywhere as well as their more organized owners, but many of the most must-have wallet styles have a price tag that leaves the new piece emptier than imagined.

Luckily, there are a number of stylish wallets that offer maximum style with maximum value, see ShopBop for more, these accessible alternatives are sure to make your handbag happier.

Z Spoke Zac Posen Shirley Saffiano Wallet

This low profile piece done in rich leather just screams expensive, but at under $100, it’s just harmless talk.

Rebecca Minkoff Luma Large Zip Wallet

We just love this Rebecca Minkoff piece featuring intricate abstract detailing at the side of the wallet as well as an etched silver embellishment that provides welcome contrast to the bold choice of hues. At about $200, what’s not to love?

Robinson Perforated Continental Wallet by Tory Burch

The golden detailing and hardware is a perfect partner for the delicate cream tone of this standard size leather wallet, and the perforated body is a modern touch that adds a new twist to a classic profile.

MARC Marc Jacobs Classic Q Metallic Zip Wallet

From Marc Jacobs comes this sleek and futuristic zip wallet done in a high-visibility metallic silver that can give even the most drab handbag a punchy partner. Additional detailing at the inside of the piece along with a price tag around $200 make this wallet an affordable way to organize your handbag in style.

Coach Accordion Zip Wallet

If you’re looking for options, this is the wallet for you. This long-profile Coach piece comes in a wide array of colors as well as a choice of three leather styles: crossgrain, textured and a gathered leather. The number of choices available with this utilitarian accessory mean that virtually anyone can find a model to suit their style, and no matter what you choose, all the options weigh in at well under $250.

While it is true that a premium piece can carry a premium price tag, getting the right wallet doesn’t mean having to pay the wrong price. Anyone that says that $300 doesn’t go a long way in finding the perfect wallet to bring order to your handbag once and for all just isn’t looking hard enough.

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Hair Inspiration: Half + Half Braided Ponytail

Le Fashion Blog Milan Hair Inspiration Half And Half Textured Braided Ponytail Tan Ribbed Sweater Via Camilla Pihl

Le Fashion Blog Milan Hair Inspiration Half And Half Wavy Braided Ponytail Brown Textured Knit Via Camilla Pih

Photos via: Camilla Pihl

First Camilla inspired me with her low messy bun , and now I can't wait for my hair to get long enough to try this beautiful half and half braided ponytail.

Get the look:

+ ASOS Pack of 50 Clear 'No More Snags' Hair Ties

+ Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

+ Vince Chevron Wool/Cashmere Sweater

jeudi 19 mars 2015

Street Style: Giorgia Tordini | Casual Chic Sweatshirt In Milan

mercredi 18 mars 2015

Michael Kors Saffiano Sutton Satchel Review (20% off)

prada saffiano tote versus michael kors sutton satchel My Prada saffiano tote is still one of my all-time favorite bags, but with the creeping price points (the size I own is now just shy of $2,400) I'm always keeping an eye out for "looks for less." We've talked about the Tory Burch "Robinson" as an alternative before in the $400 - 600 range, but I recently came across the MICHAEL Michael Kors "Sutton" satchel (6+ colors) in person, and thought it was a pretty good dupe for even less!

michael kors bag sutton satchel navy

MK "Sutton" satchel in navy, J.Brand jeans, Target vest, LOFT utility blouse

The ones I'm showing in this post are on temporary "price match" markdown at Nordstrom right now (I'm not sure which retailer they are price matching - if you know, please comment!) making it a very fair value at $262. I'm personally not a fan of the large gold MK medallion circle, but once that comes off, I think the bag itself is easily a classic wardrobe staple.

michael kors bag sutton satchel tan

The Sutton satchel comes in three sizes that I know of - small/medium/large. I'm showing the medium in these photos and didn't see the other two sizes at my local store for comparison. I felt this one looked pretty balanced and proportionate on my frame, whether it was carried by hand, on the crook of my arm, or via the adjustable crossbody or shoulder strap. To fit a standard laptop though, my guess is going up to the next size might be necessary.

michael kors bag sutton satchel black

The saffiano material which I love in general felt durable and scratch resistant, and all of my favorite little features of the Prada double zip tote were carried over to the MK dupe.

michael kors bag inside

Sutton feature summary:

- scratch-resistant saffiano leather

- double zippers at the top of the bag which open into large sectionals, and small zip pocket on the inside

- detachable and adjustable shoulder strap

- magnetic small flap closure

- snap buttons on both sides to either keep the sides folded in or expanded

- attached keyring lanyard, which I enjoyed quite a bit as a chronic key-loser

All three colors shown above are classic, but what really captured my attention was their gorgeous pale blue + gold variation for spring. I ordered this online with the 20% off price matching and will do an updated review once it comes in!

YSL cassandre_tory burch york tote YSL Cassandre flap bag (4+ colors), Tory Burch York tote in small (9+ colors)

Here's two more bag styles I tried on over the past month (am guilty of defaulting to this exact outfit on several's just too comfy : ). From the upper left, I've been swooning over all the gold hardware, chevron patterns, and tassel details on Saint Laurent bags. They have a few styles that I feel are very reminiscent of some Chanel classics like the flap bag and the wallet on chain, at quite a bit less than Chanel's current prices.

On the upper right is the Tory Burch "York" tote mentioned earlier this month, shown in the small size. It's a very basic design with a zippered center compartment, made entirely in the coated saffiano leather. I liked the simple lines and especially appreciated adjustable double shoulder straps - I've had so many totes fit well over bare shoulders in the summer, but are a struggle to wrestle on over thick winter layers! I already have my beloved blush pink Ann Taylor gallery tote, so was just trying this one for sizing review purposes.

Do any of you own the MK Sutton satchel? I'd love to hear any thoughts on how to care for it, and how it holds up over time!

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mardi 17 mars 2015

Beauty: The Dreamy Nude Lipstick Under £10

Topshop Lipstick in Mink - Topshop

I've become more and more of a fan of lipsticks lately. I recently posted about my top 5 MAC lipsticks here and my favourite winter red lipstick here. With nude lips being a massive trend right now, so many of you are going for the Kylie Jenner look and buying MAC's velvet teddy lipstick. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative but still the same quality then Topshop Lipstick in Mink is your lippy!

Topshop Lipstick in Mink - Topshop

Okay so it's darker then velvet teddy but it's an absolutely gorgeous colour! I think this is a great nude for people with olive toned/dark toned skin. I've been wearing this lipstick literally every single day since I bought it and it's lasted so well on my lips (even when eating apples and drinking tea!)

Topshop Lipstick in Mink - Topshop

At £8 (£7.20 if you use student discount) this lipstick is quite a bargain! I love how long Topshop lipsticks last on the lips and how moisturising they are. I'm tempted to go and pick up another one of this lipstick just in case Topshop discontinue it!

What do you think of Topshop lipsticks? What do you think of this lip colour?

 photo xoxo_zpsef0b558b.jpg


Shop The Post

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Must-Have Items For Spring Race Day Fashion

This week's Cheltenham Festival signalled the first of many prestigious horse races that will take place in England over the coming months, with the next one up being the Grand National. And while the Cheltenham event is widely regarded as offering a spectacular experience for fans, those who attend or regard these races with an eye toward fashion interests may prefer the Grand National as a more traditional experience.

This is because despite the fun and festivity of Cheltenham, the weather in western England in early March can still be rather difficult when it comes to managing traditional race day attire. The Grand National, meanwhile, takes place in early April, and the extra month often allows for warmer (though not quite toasty) weather conditions and, as a result, the chance to engage in the fun and frivolous styles associated with horse racing fashion!

Now, horse racing fashion is actually a pretty broad category. One can have entire discussions on footwear, outfitting, accessories, etc. that would go well with the common looks one sees at the tracks of prestigious races. But within this broader conversation, there are a few absolute must-have items when it comes to race day fashion. So if the Grand National is something you've marked on your calendar—either to attend, or simply to keep an eye on for style interests—here are the items that will highlight the event.

Fancy Hats

There's no sense starting with anything else. A day at the races is all about the hat you find to complement your outfit! And basically, there are no limits or restrictions as to how creative you should get with your hat selection. ITV News has a recap from the 2012 Grand National Ladies Day that shows a nice range of ladies' race day hats, some of which may provide inspiration for your selection. Just make sure to have something picked out, because race day hats are the most important elements of equestrian fashion. In a series of previews for the Grand National races, Betfair's look ahead at some of trainer Willie Mullins' horses even shows off the trainer's participation in this common trend! It's not a festooned, wide-brimmed extravaganza like many ladies' hats, but it's nevertheless a fashion statement even by a man competing in the races that you can view here.

Stylish Boots

This selection may surprise you, if you're in the camp that believes high heels represent the gold standard of horse race fashion footwear. In some cases, you'd be exactly right. Specifically at the warm and sunny Triple Crown races in the U.S., heels are popular choices. But at the Grand National, you may find you're ultimately more comfortable in something sturdier and more rugged, both because the temperature can be mild and because terrain around the tracks is less than ideal for heels. In fact, the Daily Mail even did a full write-up a year ago focusing on ladies struggling to stay comfortable at the event due to heels! For a stylish alternative, we'd refer you right back to our recent peek at paisley leggings and knee-high boots!

Trendy Jewellery

Jewellery and accessories can be somewhat unpredictable at any major horse race, including the Grand National, simply because people like to use accessories to show some individuality. In fact, this is arguably even truer at the Grand National than at most races, because this occasion lends itself to flashier, more inventive styles. For this reason, rather than pointing to prevailing items or ideas from years past, we'd argue the best way to pick jewellery or accessories for the 2015 races is simply to keep an eye on the current trends for inspiration. Vogue has a nice start for anyone interested in spring jewellery collections, including ring stacks, mismatched earrings, and a number of other subtle but interesting touches ideally suited for Ladies Day fashion at the tracks.

 photo xoxo_zpsef0b558b.jpg


This is a guest post by freelance fashion writer Marie Sheridan. When she's not researching the latest trends (and picking out her latest look), Marie enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Mark, and their two dogs.*

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Shades Of Grey

Le Fashion Blog Black Blazer Jacket Grey Knit Grey Tee Light Wash Grey Jeans Silver Rolex Watch Denim Emma Elwin photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Black-Blazer-Jacket-Grey-Knit-Grey-Tee-Light-Wash-Grey-Jeans-Silver-Rolex-Watch-Denim-Emma-Elwin.jpg

Photos via: Make It Last

Love this casual chic look on Emma Elwin , especially the grey tee with the grey light wash jeans. The black blazer and watch pull the whole thing together with a classic touch.

Get the look:

+ Bop Basics The Fiance Blazer

+ Feel the Piece Viki Sweatshirt

+ Michael Kors Mini Bradshaw Watch

+ 7 For All Mankind Relaxed Crop Skinny Jeans

lundi 16 mars 2015


With the Spring season approaching - I am always trying to get ready when it comes to my skin.

I noticed, that many women - especially in dry Calgary - forget that it is that time of a year (we have March now) to pay more attention to the proper skincare. After each Winter it is recommended to get rid of that thick layer of dry skin - and prepare it for beautiful Spring and Summer season!

Just this past week - I had a pleasure to try one from the list of face treatments at one of my favourite SPA's in Alberta - Babor Beauty Spa located in beautiful Mission area, in Calgary.

After consultation with one of the aestheticians who works there - we've decided that the best facial for me would be Vital Detox Therapy from Doctor Babor treatments.

Babor Beauty Spa waiting (and relaxing) area

As many of you know, skin detoxification is essential for cellular regeneration. This blend of potent vitamins and minerals treats the skin and neutralize harmful substances that induce aging from the inside out. The resulting detoxification allows nutrient revitalization which is vital for maintaining youthful skin.

Because my skin really needed deep cleansing as well - we've started the procedure with 30% peel that helped get rid of the dead skin cells and also helped deeper penetration of the ingredients from the products applied into the skin followed by the regular steps of Vital Detox Therapy treatment!

This facial takes about 50 min - but if you add peel and manual cleansing - you should reserve about 1.5 hour of your time - to make sure you will relax and won't be rushed (like I was a little bit because of my baby!).

My skin felt amazing right after the treatment - it was definitely more brighter and had beautiful glow - which I really need - especially now when I wake up few times at night to feed my baby:-)

If you would like to maintaing the results at home - you can think of getting certain skincare products from recommended Babor line!!

Special Thank You to Helene and her team for making my time at Babor Beauty Spa always a remarkable experience!!

Stay tuned - as I will be featuring different skincare treatment each season!!

Special Gift I've received from Babor Beauty Spa!

Cant wait to test them!

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Spring Must: The Everlane Swing Trench

Le Fashion Blog Everlane The Swing Trench Tan Wavy Ombre Pink Hair Caroline Ventura Denim Shirt Navy Trousers Black Loafers photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Everlane-The-Swing-Trench-Tan-Wavy-Ombre-Pink-Hair-Caroline-Ventura-Denim-Shirt-Navy-Trousers-Black-Loafers.jpg

Le Fashion Blog Everlane The Swing Trench Sage Green Wavy Ombre Pink Hair Caroline Ventura Grey Sweater Charcoal Pants photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Everlane-The-Swing-Trench-Sage-Green-Wavy-Ombre-Pink-Hair-Caroline-Ventura-Grey-Sweater-Charcoal-Pants.jpg

Le Fashion Blog Everlane The Swing Trench Navy Blue Jacket White Button Down Shirt High Waisted Jeans photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Everlane-The-Swing-Trench-Navy-Blue-Jacket-White-Button-Down-Shirt-High-Waisted-Jeans.jpg

If there's one must for spring it's a great transitional jacket, and the Everlane Swing Trench is one of my top picks. Make sure to check out the Everlane Anorak as well.

dimanche 15 mars 2015

Street Style: Blue Bandana + Color Block Jeans In Paris