samedi 9 mai 2015

17 Ways To Wear White Overalls

1 Le Fashion Blog 17 Ways To Wear White Overalls Hanneli Mustaparta Street Style Via Popsugar photo 1-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Ways-To-Wear-White-Overalls-Hanneli-Mustaparta-Street-Style-Via-Popsugar.jpg
1. Hanneli Mustaparta // Popsugar

2 Le Fashion Blog 17 Ways To Wear White Overalls Grey Knit Tank Tank Teva Sandals Via Blogger Jess Hannah photo 2-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Ways-To-Wear-White-Overalls-Grey-Knit-Tank-Tank-Teva-Sandals-Via-Blogger-Jess-Hannah.jpg
2. Jess Hannah

3 Le Fashion Blog 17 Ways To Wear White Overalls Mirrored Sunglasses White Birkenstock Sandals Via Blogger Clochet photo 3-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Ways-To-Wear-White-Overalls-Mirrored-Sunglasses-White-Birkenstock-Sandals-Via-Blogger-Clochet.jpg
3. Clochet

These ladies show us 17 stylish ways to wear white overalls that are perfect for running errands, meeting friends for brunch and beyond.

Get the look:
+ Noisy May Overalls
+ Esprit White Denim Overalls
+ ASOS 90s Style Overalls
+ Citizens of Humanity Audrey Slim Overalls
+ A.C.E. Bixie Overalls

Click below to see the rest of the inspiration...

4 Le Fashion Blog 17 Ways To Wear White Overalls Alexa Chung Trench Coat Moccasins Via Vogue Spain photo 4-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Ways-To-Wear-White-Overalls-Alexa-Chung-Trench-Coat-Moccasins-Via-Vogue-Spain.jpg
4. Alexa Chung // Vogue Spain

5 Le Fashion Blog 17 Ways To Wear White Ripped Overalls Sheer White Tee Sneakers Via Urban Outfitters Lookbook photo 5-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Ways-To-Wear-White-Ripped-Overalls-Sheer-White-Tee-Sneakers-Via-Urban-Outfitters-Lookbook.jpg
5. Urban Outfitters Lookbook

6 Le Fashion Blog 17 Ways To Wear White Overalls Model Alana Zimmer Street Style Boots Via A Love Is Blind photo 6-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Ways-To-Wear-White-Overalls-Model-Alana-Zimmer-Street-Style-Boots-Via-A-Love-Is-Blind.jpg
6. Alana Zimmer // A Love Is Blind

7 Le Fashion Blog 17 Ways To Wear White Overalls Beanie Grey Tee Black Pumps Via Blogger We Wore What photo 7-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Ways-To-Wear-White-Overalls-Beanie-Grey-Tee-Black-Pumps-Via-Blogger-We-Wore-What.jpg
7. We Wore What

8 Le Fashion Blog 17 Ways To Wear White Overalls Model Frida Gustavsson Striped Button Down Via Siggy Bodolai photo 8-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Ways-To-Wear-White-Overalls-Model-Frida-Gustavsson-Striped-Button-Down-Via-Siggy-Bodolai.jpg
8. Frida Gustavsson // Siggy Bodolai

9 Le Fashion Blog 17 Ways To Wear White Overalls Grey Tee Nude Bag Silver Heels Via Blogger Walk In Wonderland photo 9-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Ways-To-Wear-White-Overalls-Grey-Tee-Nude-Bag-Silver-Heels-Via-Blogger-Walk-In-Wonderland.jpg
9. Walk In Wonderland

10 Le Fashion Blog 17 Ways To Wear White Overalls Tan Sweater Mini Bag White Sandals Via Blogger Look De Pernille photo 10-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Ways-To-Wear-White-Overalls-Tan-Sweater-Mini-Bag-White-Sandals-Via-Blogger-Look-De-Pernille.jpg
10. Look De Pernille

11 Le Fashion Blog 17 Ways To Wear White Overalls Jenna Lyons Fur Collar Coat Blue Pumps Via Harpers Bazaar photo 11-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Ways-To-Wear-White-Overalls-Jenna-Lyons-Fur-Collar-Coat-Blue-Pumps-Via-Harpers-Bazaar.jpg
11. Jenna Lyons // Harper's Bazaar

12 Le Fashion Blog 17 Ways To Wear White Overalls Cropped White Tee Adidas Sneakers Via Blogger Happily Grey photo 12-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Ways-To-Wear-White-Overalls-Cropped-White-Tee-Adidas-Sneakers-Via-Blogger-Happily-Grey.jpg
12. Happily Grey

13 Le Fashion Blog 17 Ways To Wear White Overalls Mirrored Sunglasses Studded Leather Jacket Street Style We The People photo 13-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Ways-To-Wear-White-Overalls-Mirrored-Sunglasses-Studded-Leather-Jacket-Street-Style-We-The-People.jpeg
13. We The People

14 Le Fashion Blog 17 Ways To Wear White Overalls Gingham Shirt Via Blogger The Fashion Through My Eyes photo 14-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Ways-To-Wear-White-Overalls-Gingham-Shirt-Via-Blogger-The-Fashion-Through-My-Eyes.jpg
14. The Fashion Through My Eyes

15 Le Fashion Blog 17 Ways To Wear White Overalls Cross body Bag Birkenstock Sandals Via Blogger Fashion Me Now photo 15-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Ways-To-Wear-White-Overalls-Cross-body-Bag-Birkenstock-Sandals-Via-Blogger-Fashion-Me-Now.jpg
15. Fashion Me Now

16 Le Fashion Blog 17 Ways To Wear White Overalls Sheer Tee Frame Denim Via Russh Magazine photo 16-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Ways-To-Wear-White-Overalls-Sheer-Tee-Frame-Denim-Via-Russh-Magazine.jpg
16. Russh Magazine

17 Le Fashion Blog 17 Ways To Wear White Ripped Overalls Button Down Leopard Print Bag Sandals photo 17-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Ways-To-Wear-White-Ripped-Overalls-Button-Down-Leopard-Print-Bag-Sandals.jpg
17. Sincerely Jules



If two of my favourite European cities, Paris and London, had a lovechild, it would without a single doubt in my mind be Seven Dials in Covent Garden. A London evergreen with that French charm, that makes you order lemon pie for dessert before you can even think of any earthly reason not to. It is a well-known fact that English spoken with a French accent is just right out wonderful. This area belongs to one of my favorite parts of London, and as I promised to reveal yesterday, one of my favourite coffee shops in London. Should I perhaps also mention, that this mini guide arrives just in time before their 20% off shopping event with Esquire and ELLE this Saturday, 9th of May? I have already signed up for the discount here and thought I'd lay down my favourite spots for you.

Now, my favourite coffee shop - even after I spilt matcha all over my laptop that then had to resign from duty, or the time where I ran late for a meeting downstairs and decided instead of walking, tumbling all the way down into a full room seemed more my style - is no less than Timberyard Café. There are a lot of great drinks for the perfect afternoon coffee, together with a selection of salads and cakes (gluten free options too!).

Not to miss is hot shot Monmouth Coffee, and their single origin coffee beans are no less than superb. Definitely take two coffee breaks when you come to this area.

Pierre Hermé, or "the Picasso of Pastry", has it's home on 38 Monmouth Street, where I have spent ages just window-shopping. I highly suggest you take it one step further. So good.

If you're in the need of fresh air, and outside is no good due to an often seen Londoner, Monsieur Rain, take a step into LOFT design by. This purist French brand have made their way into my heart with their fabulous design and innovative knits not to mention that the interiors will have you snapping for your Pinterest board.

If you're after one of a kind accessories, Les Néréides Market is the place to go. Taking its inspiration from modern art and music, you'll find unique pieces that make for perfect gifts, not to mention their picturesque fragrance range.

One for all the gentlemen out there, this is not one to miss! Murdock London holds grooming specialists and luxury barbers that will do anything from a haircut to a shave whilst stocking on lots of great products and stuff you'll only ever need if you have a beard - great for gifts!

Now, having been born in Denmark, I practically knew how to bike before I could walk (am I right, Danes?!). Therefor, B1866 on Earlharm Street can get my heart beating really fast.

Now. I won't have any reader of mine starving, so lunch will be served! Mon Plaisir feels like you've somehow teleported yourself to Le Marais in Paris. It's terribly charming, and food is wonderful. However, slightly difficult if you're a veggie, but staff is very accommodating to those minor alterations.


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vendredi 8 mai 2015

How To Give Your Little Black Dress An Edge

Le Fashion Blog Street Style Blue Sunglasses Plunge Neck Proenza Schouler Little Black Dress Mini Bag Balenciaga Cut Out Boots Popsugar photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Street-Style-Blue-Sunglasses-Plunge-Neck-Proenza-Schouler-Little-Black-Dress-Mini-Bag-Balenciaga-Boots-Popsugar.jpg
Photo via: Popsugar

This street style star gave her little black Proenza Schouler dress an edge by adding colorful sunglasses, a statement mini cross body bag and sleek black Balenciaga boots.

Get the look:
+ Cole Haan Rectangular Sunglasses
+ Missguided Plunge Neck Long Sleeve Mini Dress
+ Studded Faux Leather Crossbody
+ Chois Patent Metal Buckle Cut-Out Boots

jeudi 7 mai 2015

Spring petites work wear: blush + stripes from day to night

linen sweater stripe skirt flats
J.Crew Factory skirt (altered, extra 20% off with code EXTRA20), Kate Spade watch

I knew this linen sweater was a winner the moment I tried it on, and hope those of you who got it like it just as much! I reached for it every other day on my last trip and will be sharing more styling photos soon. As mentioned previously the sweater is sheer, so I wore a nude bra (do a camisole to be extra safe at work) underneath for an office-friendly pairing. A pair of pointy patent flats finished off this comfortable look - I absolutely love the sleek design of these flats (comes in 6 colors and starts in sz 4!), but remember they have minimal insole cushioning, so order half size up if you want to use inserts.
linen sweater stripe skirt denim
Steve Madden heels (9 colors!), H&M denim jacket (old, similar in petites

To shift this look for drinks or dinner after work, I'd simply add some strappy heels and an extra layer in case it gets chilly. Most people don't reach for pencil skirts outside of work, but I think it can look rather sultry and chic paired with more casual denim + going out shoes!

Here is the J.Crew Factory pencil skirt pre-alterations...
I thought the fit was very typical of petites skirts from their non-factory line. It felt similar to LOFT/AT petites sizing, and a little bigger than standard Banana Republic petites, for reference. The skirt sat low on my hips, and I personally prefer my pencil skirts to sit at my natural waistline.

I thought the cotton, fully-lined quality was very nice thus got professional alterations on this one. I had my tailor take in the waist and slim down the skirt through the hips, and then taper in the bottom leg opening a little more. Here's a few other adorable skirts from J.Crew factory currently on sale, starting in either 00 petite or 00 regular - remember to use EXTRA20 for another 20% off:

linen sweater stripe skirt
And oh, how charming is this mint home? We came across it during our walk in the Bahamas, and I couldn't resist snapping some quick pics in the driveway ; )
linen sweater stripe skirt flats1

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Poppy Red Lips And A Mint Top Make A Fresh Spring Pairing

Le Fashion Blog Poppy Red Lips Mint Top Button Down Shirt Spring Style Beauty Brows Via Sezane photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Poppy-Red-Lips-Mint-Top-Button-Down-Shirt-Spring-Style-Beauty-Brows-Via-Sezane.jpg
Photos: Sézane

After spotting this fresh poppy red lip and mint top mix, I knew I had to try it for spring.

Get the look:
+ NARS Lipstick in Heat Wave
+ J.Crew Stretch Perfect Shirt in Rustic Mint

Casual Look: Gladitors + Denim

What I Am Wearing:
Shorts (here, similar here & here, more options here) // White shirt (similar here & here) // Trench coat (here, love this here on sale, more choices here)  // Schutz gladiator (here, budget friendly gladiators here, here here & more here) // Michael Kors watch (similar here, more options here)

Thank you for stopping by, have a fabulous day!
Photographed by Kseniapro

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