samedi 18 avril 2015

15 Ways To Wear A Green Army Jacket

1 Le Fashion Blog 15 Ways To Wear A Green Army Jacket Sweater Skinny Jeans Anine Bing Boots Via Blogger Lisa Rvd photo 1-Le-Fashion-Blog-15-Ways-To-Wear-A-Green-Army-Jacket-Sweater-Skinny-Jeans-Anine-Bing-Boots-Via-Blogger-Lisa-Rvd.jpg

1. Lisa Rvd

2 Le Fashion Blog 15 Ways To Wear A Green Army Jacket Olivia Palermo Street Style Mirrored Sunglasses Via Teen Vogue photo 2-Le-Fashion-Blog-15-Ways-To-Wear-A-Green-Army-Jacket-Olivia-Palermo-Street-Style-Mirrored-Sunglasses-Via-Teen-Vogue.jpg

2. Olivia Palermo // Teen Vogue

3 Le Fashion Blog 15 Ways To Wear A Green Army Jacket Hat Grey Tee Black Jeans Espadrilles Via Fashion Me Now photo 3-Le-Fashion-Blog-15-Ways-To-Wear-A-Green-Army-Jacket-Hat-Grey-Tee-Black-Jeans-Espadrilles-Via-Fashion-Me-Now.png

3. Fashion Me Now

A green army jacket is one of my top five must-haves for spring. As these lovely ladies show, it's incredibly versatile and perfect for almost any personal style.

Click below to see the rest of the inspiring photos...

4 Le Fashion Blog 15 Ways To Wear A Green Army Jacket White Mini Dress Leather Bag Via Blogger Polienne photo 4-Le-Fashion-Blog-15-Ways-To-Wear-A-Green-Army-Jacket-White-Mini-Dress-Leather-Bag-Via-Blogger-Polienne.jpg

4. Polienne

5 Le Fashion Blog 15 Ways To Wear A Green Army Jacket Model Style Daiane Conterato Striped Dress Boots Via Vanessa Jackman photo 5-Le-Fashion-Blog-15-Ways-To-Wear-A-Green-Army-Jacket-Model-Style-Daiane-Conterato-Striped-Dress-Boots-Via-Vanessa-Jackman.jpg

5. Daiane Conterato // Vanessa Jackman

6 Le Fashion Blog 15 Ways To Wear A Green Army Jacket Blue Shirt Cut Off Jeans Shorts Honky Dory Lookbook photo 6-Le-Fashion-Blog-15-Ways-To-Wear-A-Green-Army-Jacket-Blue-Shirt-Cut-Off-Jeans-Shorts-Honky-Dory-Lookbook.jpg

6. Hunky Dory

7 Le Fashion Blog 15 Ways To Wear A Green Army Jacket Grey Tee Leather Skirt Studded Loafers Via Sincerely Jules photo 7-Le-Fashion-Blog-15-Ways-To-Wear-A-Green-Army-Jacket-Grey-Tee-Leather-Skirt-Studded-Loafers-Via-Sincerely-Jules.jpg

7. Sincerely Jules

8 Le Fashion Blog 15 Ways To Wear A Green Army Jacket Street Style Candela Novembre Feather Skirt Via Style Du Monde photo 8-Le-Fashion-Blog-15-Ways-To-Wear-A-Green-Army-Jacket-Street-Style-Candela-Novembre-Feather-Skirt-Via-Style-Du-Monde.jpg

8. Candela Novembre // Style Du Monde

9 Le Fashion Blog 15 Ways To Wear A Green Army Jacket Model Street Style Striped Pants Via Collage Vintage photo 9-Le-Fashion-Blog-15-Ways-To-Wear-A-Green-Army-Jacket-Model-Street-Style-Striped-Pants-Via-Collage-Vintage.jpg

9. Collage Vintage

10 Le Fashion Blog 15 Ways To Wear A Green Army Jacket Victoria Beckham Style Tee Ripped Jeans Boots Via Refinery29 photo 10-Le-Fashion-Blog-15-Ways-To-Wear-A-Green-Army-Jacket-Victoria-Beckham-Style-Tee-Ripped-Jeans-Boots-Via-Refinery29.jpg

10. Victoria Beckham // Refinery29

11 Le Fashion Blog 15 Ways To Wear A Green Army Jacket Lace Shirt Cut Off Jean Shorts Via Leandra Medine Man Repeller photo 11-Le-Fashion-Blog-15-Ways-To-Wear-A-Green-Army-Jacket-Lace-Shirt-Cut-Off-Jean-Shorts-Via-Leandra-Medine-Man-Repeller.jpg

11. Man Repeller

12 Le Fashion Blog 15 Ways To Wear A Green Army Jacket Model Street Style Sigrid Agren Grey Tee Black Jeans Via Models Jam photo 12-Le-Fashion-Blog-15-Ways-To-Wear-A-Green-Army-Jacket-Model-Street-Style-Sigrid-Agren-Grey-Tee-Black-Jeans-Via-Models-Jam.jpg

12. Sigrid Agren // Models Jam

13 Le Fashion Blog 15 Ways To Wear A Green Army Jacket Miranda Kerr Print Top Black Skirt Ankle Boots Via Glamour photo 13-Le-Fashion-Blog-15-Ways-To-Wear-A-Green-Army-Jacket-Miranda-Kerr-Print-Top-Black-Skirt-Ankle-Boots-Via-Glamour.jpg

13. Miranda Kerr // Glamour

14 Le Fashion Blog 15 Ways To Wear A Green Army Jacket Hat Striped Shirt Ripped Black Jeans Loafer Via Urban Outfitters photo 14-Le-Fashion-Blog-15-Ways-To-Wear-A-Green-Army-Jacket-Hat-Striped-Shirt-Ripped-Black-Jeans-Loafer-Via-Urban-Outfitters.jpg

14. Urban Outfitters

15 Le Fashion Blog 15 Ways To Wear A Green Army Jacket Hat Button Down Shirt Skinny Jeans Boots Via Natalie Off Duty photo 15-Le-Fashion-Blog-15-Ways-To-Wear-A-Green-Army-Jacket-Hat-Button-Down-Shirt-Skinny-Jeans-Boots-Via-Natalie-Off-Duty.jpg

15. Natalie Off Duty

vendredi 17 avril 2015

What To Wear On A Spring Date

Le Fashion Blog Spring Date Look Style Raen Sunglasses Topshop Little Black Dress Alex Mika Ear Jacket irose Nude Clutch Need Supply Co Chain Ring Simth & Cult Nude Pink Nail Polish Loeffler Randall Thea Lace Up Sandals photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Spring-Date-Look-Style-Little-Black-Dress-Ear-Jacket-Nude-Clutch-Chain-Ring-Nude-Pink-Nail-Polish-Lace-Up-Sandals.jpg

Here's my version of the perfect look for a spring date. Best part is, the black dress can be used time and time again. Nothing like a little black dress!

1. Topshop Unique Hybrid Crepe De Chine Mini Dress

2. RAEN Optics Squire Polarized Sunglasses

3. Alex Mika Heart Ear Jacket

4. i ro se Seamless Long Wallet

5. Need Supply Co. Escape Ring

6. Smith & Cult Nail Polish in The Graduate

7. Loeffler Randall Thea Gladiator Sandal

jeudi 16 avril 2015

Miranda Kerr Goes Casual Chic In A Striped Tee And High Waist Jeans

Le Fashion Blog Miranda Kerr Casual Chic Striped Tee High Waisted Jeans Red Heels LAX Airport Via Zimbio photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Miranda-Kerr-Casual-Chic-Striped-Tee-High-Waisted-Jeans-Red-Heels-LAX-Airport-Via-Zimbio.jpg

Le Fashion Blog Miranda Kerr Casual Chic Low Bun Red Lip Striped Tee Dark High Waisted Jeans LAX Airport Via Zimbio photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Miranda-Kerr-Casual-Chic-Low-Bun-Red-Lip-Striped-Tee-Dark-High-Waisted-Jeans-LAX-Airport-Via-Zimbio.jpg

Photos via: Zimbio

Miranda Kerr is the epitome of casual chic at LAX airport with a low bun, red lip, striped tee, high-waisted skinny jeans and textured red heels.

Get the look:

+ Bobbi Brown The Stella Sunglasses

+ M·A·C Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Fashion Trip

+ Volcom Lived in Stripe Tee

+ Articles of Society Halley High Waist Stretch Skinny Jeans

+ Shoes of Prey Fish Scale Pointy Toe Pump

mercredi 15 avril 2015

20 Inspiring Short Hairstyles

Splurge vs. Steal: The Pearl Bar Earring

Le Fashion Blog Splurge Vs Steal Sophie Bille Brahe Pearl Bar Elipse Earring Amber Sceats Affordable Alternative Low Bun Grey Tee photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Splurge-Vs-Steal-Sophie-Bille-Brahe-Pearl-Bar-Elipse-Earring-Amber-Sceats-Affordable-Alternative-Low-Bun-Grey-Tee.jpg

Photo via: My Chameleon

The solo pearl bar earring from jewelry designer Sophie Bille Brahe came on my radar over two years ago, and I've had my eye on it ever since. I recently found a more affordable alternative from Amber Sceats that may just satisfy my craving...

Splurge: Sophie Bille Brahe Pearl & Gold Elipse Bar Earring ($695)

Steal: Amber Sceats Bar Imitation Pearl Earring ($79)

mardi 14 avril 2015

Columbine Smille Shows How To Perfect A Layered Spring Look

Le Fashion Blog Columbine Smille Spring Layers Layered Blue Utility Jacket Sweater Skirt Patent Ankle Boots Via Stockholm Streetstyle photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Columbine-Smille-Spring-Layers-Layered-Blue-Utility-Jacket-Sweater-Skirt-Patent-Ankle-Boots-Via-Stockholm-Streetstyle.jpg

Photo via: Stockholm Streetstyle

Until the weather warms up for good, spring is all about layers. Columbine Smille shows us how to get it right by layering a knit and lightweight jacket over a cool skirt. Complete the look with boots for a bit of edge, or even sandals if the weather allows.

Get the look:

+ ASOS Jacket with Utility Detail

+ Jil Sander Navy Wool Textured Pullover

+ Edun Mini Skirt

+ Missguided Elle Double Buckle Ankle Boots

lundi 13 avril 2015

Hair Inspiration: Sarah Jessica Parker With Long Glossy Sombre Locks

Le Fashion Blog Hair Inspiration Sarah Jessica Parker Long Glossy Sombre Locks Subtle Ombre Arts Connection Via Zimbio photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Hair-Inspiration-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Long-Glossy-Sombre-Locks-Subtle-Ombre-Arts-Connection-Via-Zimbio.jpg

Le Fashion Blog Hair Inspiration Sarah Jessica Parker Long Glossy Ombre Locks Sombre Arts Connection Via Zimbio photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Hair-Inspiration-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Long-Glossy-Ombre-Locks-Sombre-Arts-Connection-Via-Zimbio.jpg

Photos via: Zimbio

Obsessed with Sarah Jessica Parker 's glossy hair. Looks great with the subtle ombre!

Get the look:

+ Sachajuan Shine Serum

+ Oribe Aprés Beach Wave and Shine Spray

+ Alterna Bamboo Shine Luminous Shine Mist

Street Style: Jessica Hart Makes A Chic Case For Peach Flares

Le Fashion Blog New York Street Style Jessica Hart Print Shirt Basket Bag Peach Flares Orange Flared Pants Bell Bottoms Via Vanity Fair photo Le-Fashion-Blog-New-York-Street-Style-Jessica-Hart-Print-Shirt-Basket-Bag-Peach-Flares-Orange-Flared-Pants-Bell-Bottoms-Via-Vanity-Fair.jpg

Le Fashion Blog New York Fashion Week Street Style Jessica Hart Print Shirt Straw Bag Peach Flares Orange Flared Pants Via HuffPo photo Le-Fashion-Blog-New-York-Fashion-Week-Street-Style-Jessica-Hart-Print-Shirt-Straw-Bag-Peach-Flares-Orange-Flared-Pants-Via-HuffPo.jpg

Photos via: Vanity Fair | Huffington Post

It may have been over two years since Jessica Hart wore these peach flared pants to New York Fashion Week, but there's no denying the look is still as chic as ever.

Get the look:

+ Wonderland Sun City Sunglasses

+ Bella Dahl Hipster Shirt

+ Straw Studios Water Hyacinth Handle Beach Tote

+ Style&co. Wide-Leg Linen Pants

+ Emilio Pucci Canvas Flared Pants