samedi 2 mai 2015

This Downtown Cool Look Proves That A Gingham Shirt Is A Must-Have

Le Fashion Blog How To Wear Gingham Shirt Blogger Style Black Ripped Jeans Dior Sunglasses Silver Watch Via Lady Addict photo Le-Fashion-Blog-How-To-Wear-Gingham-Shirt-Blogger-Style-Black-Ripped-Jeans-Dior-Sunglasses-Silver-Watch-Via-Lady-Addict.jpg
Le Fashion Blog How To Wear Gingham Button Down Shirt Black Ripped Jeans Dior So Real Sunglasses Via Lady Addict photo Le-Fashion-Blog-How-To-Wear-Gingham-Button-Down-Shirt-Black-Ripped-Jeans-Dior-So-Real-Sunglasses-Via-Lady-Addict.jpg
Photos via: Lady Addict

This downtown cool look from Silvia is proof that a gingham shirt is a must-have.

Get the look:
+ Spitfire CBX Shades
+ J.Crew Boy Shirt in Crinkle Gingham
+ Michael Kors Large Lexington Chronograph Bracelet Watch
+ ASOS Farleigh High Waist Slim Jeans with Thigh and Knee Rip

vendredi 1 mai 2015

70's Inspired

I received an email last week from a reader (hi Carolyn!) asking for advice on how to embrace the 70's trend for spring without appearing overly retro.  Even though my personal style isn't particularly bohemian, I love incorporating 70's-inspired elements into an outfit.  My advice is to pick one key piece (like a suede skirt or flared jeans) and build your outfit around that - the idea is to keep the silhouette simple and only add a few well-chosen accessories so the end result is a nod to the era, while still appearing chic & modern.

What I'm wearing:
Cooperative tunic, Vintage skirt (similar here or here), Dune sandals (similar here; lower heel option here), 
ASOS clutch (similar here or here), Madewell necklaces (here & here), Sole Society ring


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Mother's Day at BABOR
Give her something as beautiful as she is...

... So she can unwind...
Mother's Day Treatment Feature
Receive a COMPLIMENTARY Sensational Eye Kur (A $50 Value) with ANY facial.

*Excludes Fluid Performance Facial. Valid on appointments scheduled up until May 31st, 2015.
For gifting purposes, Facial + Sensational Eye Kur can be placed on a BABOR Gift Card.

... So she can glow...
NEW! ReVersive Anti-Aging Collection
To restore youthful radiance and luminosity. Leaves the skin visibly
firmer and smoother - resulting in a beautifully even skin tone.

... So she can explore...
Signature $200 BABOR Gift Card

FREE delivery. Beautifully wrapped and accompanied by samples.
Calgary deliveries received within 1-2 business days.

... So she can captivate...
Face Design Collection Spring/Summer 2015
"This trend collection was inspired by a summer sunset! The warm light and the soft glow it brings makes every woman look beautiful.
Nude and earthy shades combined with soft peach and pink create a fresh and youthful element. Let it glow - as if you've been kissed by the sun!"
- Face Design Collection Creator, Peter Schmidinger

... Because she is a beauty like no other.
Make this Mother's Day extra special with BABOR

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Beauty: Look Fantastic May Beauty Box

Look Fantastic Beauty Box - Look Fantastic*
First things first, Happy May! I genuinely can't believe it's May it feels like this year is going far too fast! Yesterday Look Fantastic's May Beauty Box arrived in the post and I just couldn't wait to share this box of beautifulness with you all! You may have caught my post about the March Look Fantastic Beauty Box here which I absolutely adored. I love the concept of beauty boxes as it's like a surprise to yourself each month. I love receiving the Look Fantastic Beauty Box in the post and I've been looking forward to receiving it all week! I'd say this month's beauty box is more summer themed so if you're going on holiday soon, this is the beauty box for you!

Tanworkx Self Tanning Lotion
I've heard a lot about Tanworkx through reading other blogs and beauty reviews. I'm personally not a fan of self tanning products as I've got quite dark skin but I'm definitely going to give this a try on any uneven bits of skin I have or maybe just tan my legs to give them a summer glow!

I'm really excited about this oil. It's a multi-purpose luxury oil that cares to soften and illuminate face, body and hair. I can't wait to use it as this has had so many good reviews online. 

If there is one thing that's worth spending a little bit extra money on it's skincare. I am loving night treatments at the moment which leave my skin soft and moisturised in the morning. I don't know what it is but the weather is drying my skin out so much at the moment.

This product I'm so excited about as the full size version is £46! I've heard a lot about Omorovicza and you know a product is going to be good in a beauty box when the full size version is expensive!

I'm really looking forward to trying out this mask! I think this time of the year everyone is so stressed and tired (especially those of you who are at university like me!) and once my deadlines are over at the end of next week and i'm going to be pampering myself with my favourite soap and glory products and going to be trying out this mask on my hair! I think this mask is great because the pot is so small which means when you go on holiday you can easily fit this in your travel size bag!

 Whenever I go on a night out/date night or just somewhere I want to feel extra nice I always wear a pair of Eyelure Lashes. They're been a staple in my life since I turned 18 and I'm a massive fan of the Katy Perry party lashes! One thing I still do struggle with is managing to put the lashes on perfect everytime so these pre glued lashes will be an absolute life saviour.

I really love Look Fantastic's Beauty Boxes and they never disappoint. I'd highly recommend picking this one up and it's only £15! Especially if you want to try some new products and feel summer ready!
 photo xoxo_zpsef0b558b.jpg
Shop The Post

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Splurge vs. Save: Double-Bridge Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Le Fashion Blog Splurge Vs Save Prada Cat Eye Double Bridge Sunglasses Affordable Alternative Printed Romper Via Tuula Vintage photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Splurge-Vs-Save-Prada-Cat-Eye-Double-Bridge-Sunglasses-Affordable-Alternative-Printed-Romper-Via-Tuula-Vintage.jpg
Le Fashion Blog Splurge Vs Save Prada Cat Eye Double Bridge Sunglasses Print Cheaper Option Sleek Ponytail Via Melisa Minca photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Splurge-Vs-Save-Prada-Cat-Eye-Double-Bridge-Sunglasses-Print-Cheaper-Option-Sleek-Ponytail-Via-Melisa-Minca.jpg
Photos via: Tuula Vintage | Melisa Minca

I've loved the double-bridge cat-eye sunglasses form Prada since first spotting them on Jess. There are other options like those on Melisa that are just as chic for a fraction of the price.

Splurge: Prada Cat-Eye Double-Bridge Sunglasses ($385)

Steal: Nasty Gal Bueller II Shades ($20) -or- Choies Hot Sale Fashion Sunglasses ($13.99)

jeudi 30 avril 2015

Model-Off-Duty Style: Get Gigi Hadid's Cool White Jumpsuit Look

Le Fashion Blog How To Wear A White Jumpsuit Model Off Duty Style Gigi Hadid Top Knot Mini Bag Lace Up Sandals Via Popsugar photo Le-Fashion-Blog-How-To-Wear-A-White-Jumpsuit-Model-Off-Duty-Style-Gigi-Hadid-Top-Knot-Mini-Bag-Lace-Up-Sandals-Via-Popsugar.jpg
Le Fashion Blog White Jumpsuit Model Off Duty Street Style Gigi Hadid Top Knot Flat Black Lace Up Sandals Via Laura Thompson photo Le-Fashion-Blog-White-Jumpsuit-Model-Off-Duty-Street-Style-Gigi-Hadid-Top-Knot-Flat-Black--Lace-Up-Sandals-Via-Laura-Thompson.jpg
Photos via: Popsugar | Laura Thompson

It-model Gigi Hadid shows us a cool (and easy!) way to wear a white jumpsuit.

Get the look:
+ Vero Moda Jumpsuit
+ Bing Bang x UO Leather Crossbody Bag
+ Free People Harpoon Wrap Sandal

Macys + Talbots Friends & Family sales

talbots sandals
Dress by my friend Khatu, Ray-ban glasses in blue/gold (on sale!), Talbots sandals

Low-heeled neutral sandals are a must for the upcoming seasons...I know several of you were interested in my Talbots sandals from last year (long sold out), so I wanted to mention the cute options available this year. Talbots is currently having a 30% off Friends & Family sale with code FRIENDS30, ends 5/4. Sizes are starting to sell out, especially for online exclusive-styles. My favorite is the Peggy sandal with a low, comfortable block heel, constructed very similarly to my favorite pair from last year. I love all three classic color options, and the touch of gold on the inside of the heel (see stock photo) is so unexpectedly chic. I wore them around all day with no breaking-in needed. Size 5's are gone in all colors for the Peggy, but I found them to run a little small and a 5.5 fit me snugly. Here's another look at them:
chambray shirt striped skirt small

Halogen shirt (Pls excuse the wrinkles! Got caught in the rain then stuffed inside my purse)

Here's a few other flat to low-heeled options that are part of their F&F sale. I've generally found Talbots footwear to be of good quality and comfy, and my friends are always surprised to learn where they're from. As an FYI, sizes 5 and 5.5 are online only.

Macy's is also having a F&F with 25% off most items - lots of pieces that I love are included! Nordstrom is price matching and I noticed that some of the matched prices are actually lower there than at Macy's.
1. The Steve Madden Stecy sandals that I've been over-wearing (see my review and comments on comfort) retail for less at Nordstrom and have the 25% off applied on that.
2. Ray-ban classic aviators (I wore the "brown" here and the "blue/gold" up above) are easily adjustable for flat nose bridges, and also appear to be priced less at Nordstorm.
3. Michael Kors Sutton satchel - priced the same at Macy's and at Nordstrom, with more color options in stock at Macy's. See the pale blue on me.

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Back On Track

After sharing my personal struggles with maintaining a good work/life balance (here), I decided to make some significant changes to my daily routine.  For the last few months, exercise & rest have been taking a backseat to my job responsibilities (simply out of fear that I wouldn't be able to get everything done).  But, at the beginning of April, I was determined to make it a priority for the sake of my own well-being.  Let me just preface this post with saying that I don't workout with the goal of losing weight - I am at peace with my body shape & size and have no desire to fall back into a pattern of restrictive eating & obsessive exercise to meet some unrealistic standard.  My sole purpose for working out is to release stress and tension & to improve my health.

My husband has been incredibly supportive of these new changes and wanted to join in this resolution with me. Since we both work from home, we have started making "workout dates" three times a week, where we head to the gym together to get our exercise in.  For me, it makes such a difference having someone to do it with - there are times where I don't feel like going, but he will encourage me (and vice versa).  Even if we only jog/walk a few miles, we always feel better afterwards.  I will admit that it was really hard at first - lots of sore muscles and fatigue.  But now that we've been doing it a while, I've noticed that I have more energy during the day and I sleep so much better at night. 

As I've mentioned before (here), I have to be careful with the intensity of my exercises so as not to overwork my body and trigger a Lupus flare.  So today I thought I would share a few of my favorite at-home DVD workouts that I would recommend to anyone, regardless of where you are in your fitness journey (no gym membership required!).  And I'm also including a few of my top clothing & shoe picks, because I personally am more motivated to exercise when I have cute gear to wear.  I'm always looking to switch up my routine so I don't get bored - I'd love to hear in the comments below about what workouts you enjoy, so please share!

Workout DVD's
1) Crunch Total Yoga - This is a good option for those just starting out.  Sara Ivanhoe (personal trainer to Jennifer Aniston) walks you through the poses in a way that makes it perfect for beginners or those not already familiar with yoga.
2) Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout - I bought this when I was trying to lose weight after my son was born and I was amazed by how quickly I saw results (she trains Gwyneth Paltrow).  I would say this is more intermediate to advanced - even if you're already in excellent shape, you will definitely feel the burn!
3) Winsor Pilates Maximum Burn Advanced Series - Nothing strengthens my core better than this workout.  All the movements are smooth & flowing, so it's great for those with joint problems or certain injuries.

Sports Bras
Did you know that Forever 21 has an entire activewear line?  I recently had a store credit and couldn't find anything else that I liked, so I ended up buying one of their sports bras on a whim...and now I'm hooked!  I love the strappy details & cool color blocking of these.

Compression Capris
Ever since discovering these Old Navy pants 2 years ago, I haven't bought anything else.  They have a flattering fit, they're comfortable + they hold their shape after multiple washes (also in tall, petite & plus).  Bonus: they're all on sale now!

Athletic Shoes
I don't mind paying a little more for shoes because it's important to have something that's supportive, comfortable and good quality.  I'm partial to NIKE because my husband worked in the running department for 7 years.  If you're not familiar with the fit, these tend to run a little narrow/small, so you might want to go up a half size to be safe.  I like to buy mine at Kohl's - though the brand is typically excluded from their coupons, you can still earn Kohl's cash to use later on other purchases.

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Vested Denim

What I Am Wearing:
Denim skirt (here, similar herehere, here & here) // Denim vest (similar options here) // H&M top (similar here) // Sophia Webster pumps (sold out, more options here & here) // Nail polish (here)

Thanks for stopping by...have a lovely day!


Photographed by Deji

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mercredi 29 avril 2015

MILLY for DesigNation

The MILLY for DesigNation Collection just launched last week at Kohl's - I was so excited to get my hands on a few of the pieces & I couldn't wait to share them with you!  The collection was inspired by the designer's recent vacation to the island of Capri, Italy - the styles are a mix of effortless, bold & feminine pieces.  Today I'm sharing with you 3 different spring outfits wearing my top picks from the collection - polished sophisticated, romantic date night and relaxed casual.

It was so hard to narrow down my favorites, but I fell in love with the intricate blue print of this matching set.  The top & skirt are so cute worn together (as shown here), but I decided to separate the two to show how you can get multiple looks out of them when paired with other items from your closet. I also couldn't resist this sheer striped midi skirt - it's even more stunning in person & is such a beautiful feminine piece!  All of the items in the MILLY for DesigNation Collection are currently 25% off (if you have a Kohl's card, be sure to use code SPRING30 to get an extra 30% off your purchase).

What I'm wearing:
c/o MILLY for DesigNation top (I'm wearing an XS), Similar shirt, Similar shorts, Similar clutch, Similar heels

What I'm wearing:
Similar top, c/o MILLY for DesigNation midi skirt (I'm wearing a Small; matching top here), 
Similar heelsSimilar clutch

What I'm wearing:
c/o MILLY for DesigNation t-shirt (I'm wearing an XS), c/o MILLY for DesigNation skirt (I'm wearing an XS), Similar jacket, Similar sandals, Similar hat, Similar tote

Thank you to Kohl's & ShopStyle for kindly sponsoring this post.
All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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