vendredi 16 janvier 2015

Beauty Inspiration: Bold Brows + Metallic Eyeshadow

Le Fashion Blog Beauty Inspiration Bold Brows Gold Metallic Eyeshadow Long Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Alexis Mabille SS 2015 Backstage photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Beauty-Inspiration-Bold-Brows-Gold-Metallic-Eyeshadow-Long-Blonde-Hair-Blue-Eyes-Alexis-Mabille-SS-2015.jpg

Le Fashion Blog Beauty Inspiration Bold Brows Metallic Eyeshadow Long Blonde Hair Blue Eyes White Shirt Alexis Mabille SS 2015 Backstage photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Beauty-Inspiration-Bold-Brows-Metallic-Eyeshadow-Long-Blonde-Hair-Blue-Eyes-White-Shirt-Alexis-Mabille-SS-2015.jpg

Le Fashion Blog Beauty Inspiration Bold Brows Metallic Eyeshadow Long Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Matte Lips Alexis Mabille SS 2015 Backstage photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Beauty-Inspiration-Bold-Brows-Metallic-Eyeshadow-Long-Blonde-Hair-Blue-Eyes-Matte-Lips-Alexis-Mabille-SS-2015.jpg

Photos via: Fashionising

These bold brows and gold metallic eyeshadow make for an insanely cool beauty look. The neutral matte lips are the perfect match and let the eyes make the statement.

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+ Anastasia Beverly Brow Pencils, Gels and Tools

+ NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow

+ Bobbi Brown Metallic Eyeshadow

+ NARS Velvet Lip Liner

+ ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo BF Dress Shirt

+ Maison Scotch Casual Cardigan

jeudi 15 janvier 2015

Street Style: Marine Vacth | Long Coat + Jeans In Paris

Le Fashion Blog Paris Street Style Marine Vacth Long Wool Coat Vintage Levis Jeans Ankle Boots Via Tommy Ton photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Paris-Street-Style-Marine-Vacth-Long-Wool-Coat-Vintage-Levis-Jeans-Ankle-Boots-Via-Tommy-Ton.png

Le Fashion Blog Paris Street Style Marine Vacth Long Tweed Coat French Long Hair Via Tommy Ton photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Paris-Street-Style-Marine-Vacth-Long-Tweed-Coat-French-Long-Hair-Via-Tommy-Ton.jpg

Le Fashion Blog Paris Street Style Marine Vacth Black Wool Coat Long Hair Silk Shirt Via Tommy Ton photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Paris-Street-Style-Marine-Vacth-Black-Wool-Coat-Long-Hair-Silk-Shirt-Via-Tommy-Ton.jpg

Le Fashion Blog Paris Street Style Marine Vacth Long Wool Coat Vintage Jeans Black Booties Via Tommy Ton photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Paris-Street-Style-Marine-Vacth-Long-Wool-Coat-Vintage-Jeans-Black-Booties-Via-Tommy-Ton.jpg

Photos via: Tommy Ton |

French beauty Marine Vacth has me craving a long oversized coat to wear with my Levi's jeans and black ankle boots. On a side note, I'd kill to have such gorgeous hair!

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+ Club Monaco Dennya Coat

+ Topshop Marled Blanket Coat

+ Urban Renewal Vintage Levi's 505 & 501 Jeans

+ DKNY Perdy Chelsea Boots

+ Madewell Slim Back Zip Billie Booties

lundi 12 janvier 2015

Understated Statement Coat

Sweater skirt styled for work + weekend

A line skirt outfit styled two ways Dot Sweater skirt c/o Ann Taylor (50% off most items today with FLASH50)

Left: ASOS coat (review ), Tory Burch bag , BP booties , Forever 21 hat, DIY mittens

Right: Ferragamo Varina flats , AT necklace , BR blouse, old no-brand sweater

I posted a fitting-room review of this skirt a while back - petites is now sold out online, but might still be in stores. The skirt runs a bit smaller in the waist than Ann Taylor's usual sizing (with a wide, stretchy concealed elastic waistband) so regular sizing might work for women who don't mind a longer length. I was pleasantly surprised by the thick & sturdy knit on this skirt, and of course, the fit with no alterations needed!

ann taylor dot sweater skirt2 I had packed this for my last west-coast trip as elastic waistbands are a must when continuous eating is expected. I don't often show work outfits with flats, but the cut of this skirt is a good candidate for pairing with low shoes. The waistband can sit high at the natural waistline which creates the illusion of longer legs, and the gentle flaring adds shape without too much width and volume that may weigh down a short frame.

asos petite wool coat winter layering

Coming back to Boston and getting hit by a cold dose of reality, I defaulted to navy opaque tights which work with most of my outfits. Unfortunately too much navy led the skirt + legs to blend together creating a dark blob-like effect. Marled grey knit tights turned out to be the perfect solution - just enough contrast to not blend in, but still in a similar dark & broody color scheme. When wearing tights with an unlined knit, I sandwiched a slinky slip skirt in between to keep the materials from clinging or generating static. Now if anyone has suggestions on how to not get static lion hair after wearing a knit hat, please share! I love the effects of the dryer sheet tip but alas it leaves dandruff-like white speckles all over my head, which probably frightens my friends more than a static mane.

ann taylor dot sweater skirt

This coat is light in weight but I haven't had the heart to put it away until spring...the cut is sleek and classic which I can't get enough of, so I've just been piling on knit layers both under and over it to squeeze in a few more wears. Would love to find a cream or camel one in the same cut and fit but thicker!

asos petite wool coat winter layering1

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dimanche 11 janvier 2015

Weekend Mood: Top Knot / Tee / Jeans

Le Fashion Blog Weekend Style Top Knot Bun Mustard Yellow Tee Jeans Lady Gunn Tom Slack photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Weekend-Style-Top-Knot-Bun-Mustard-Yellow-Tee-Jeans-Lady-Gunn-Tom-Slack.jpg

Le Fashion Blog Causal Weekend Style Top Knot Bun Yellow Tee High Waist Jeans Lady Gunn Tom Slack photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Causal-Weekend-Style-Top-Knot-Bun-Yellow-Tee-High-Waist-Jeans-Lady-Gunn-Tom-Slack.jpg

Photos via: Lady Gunn

A top knot, basic tee and jeans are my usual weekend go-to. This mustard color would be a great addition to my sea of grey, black and white tees. All that's missing is a cozy cardigan!

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+ BDG Solid V-Neck Tee

+ RES Denim Romeo Boyfriend