dimanche 3 juillet 2016

The Classic Casual Summer Outfit You'll Want Live In

Le Fashion Blog Casual Summer Style All Black Look Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses Short Sleeve Knit Top Flared Jeans Via GOOP
Photo via: GOOP

This is for all the minimal girls out there that love classic styles and lots of black! (You know who you are.) This casual look is a guaranteed win and consists of Krewe LDG sunglasses, a simple cashmere cardigan, flared black jeans. Just top it off with your favorite pair of black sandals and you are good to go!

Get the look:
+ Krewe LGD Sunglasses
+ Neiman Marcus Cashmere Cardigan
+ Splendid Kodiak Knits Cardigan
+ Frame Denim Flare Jeans (also here)
+ Victoria Beckham Flare Jeans

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